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Re: Red Hat Commits To MIT's $100 Laptop

John Wendel wrote:
Andy Green wrote:

taharka wrote:

Don't let those specs fool ya though. My present hardware firewall,
"m0n0wall" (FreeBSD based) runs on a 32MB CF card & rivals commercial

32MB!  Luxury!  Why when I were a lad you could get a very decent Linux
install in 8MB of JFFS2.  kernel, Busybox, PHP, all mod cons.

Despite having reservations about the Bubble-era track record of some of
the Big Ideas that were printed when Wired had that lovely paper, and
the fact the project ended up with Redhat only after trying to get in
bed with Demonic Forces that were the first choice, the debloat
discipline is sure to pay off for Fedora whatever happens with this OLPC


I've never tried it, but <http://damnsmalllinux.org> looks interesting. I think I'll dig out the old 350MHz AMD from the junk box and give it a try.

You might also want to investigate Puppy Linux, then.

Here is an interesting site I looked at a few months ago
when my girlfriend was investigating (at my instigation)
installing Linux on her machine.


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