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Re: FC4 - Partition Plan

IMHO Windows partition is to big.  Windows + office apps + other essentials will need between 10 to max 25 Gigs depending upon your taste. Like in Linux where u have /opt for third party applications, it is good to have large apps like oracle autodesk adobe etc on a separate partition. So I suggest U split ur 60gig win  into 2 by 40-60 ration. The reason is - Windows requires defragging, and to defrag a smaller partition is less less of a pain, and u may do more frequently. But this is not a critical issue.
Also if u intend to keep lot of songs and movies on hdd, it is better to keep them on fat32; reasons are 2
1. They will be accessible from win/Linux both, with write access.
2. Disadvantage of fat32 that it has low performance is not a issue for this type of files, while using, but loading/unloading is slow. BTW U can keep them on NTFS and modify only from win side (no writing from Linux on NTFS). So it is a trade off situation, what u do max u choose best.
Also learn the pitfalls of LVM before embracing it. It is good rather very good if planned properly in the first place, else it can be pain from head to toe, all inclusive. Swap 2.5 GB is 1% of ur luxury so enjoy the riches.
BTW your second mem module should be exact same spec as first one for it to work in "dual channel dynamic paging mode" if ur mobo allows.

Anil Kumar Shrama
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