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Re: FC4 - Partition Plan

At 08:03 02/02/2006, you wrote:

I agree with the suggestions of adding a separate FAT32 partition for
sharing data between Windows and Linux, and also leaving some

That's what I've always done

unpartitioned space so that you can try another OS at some point (e.g.
FC5) without having to remove or otherwise fiddle with your current

but last night I installed the vmware player on my FC3 machine. I've never used it before, but it's supposed to be easy enough to drag files from the real machine to the virtual machine. We'll see. My old machine is currently fetching the FC5t2 virtual machine through the bit torrent, but what I'm really interested in doing is getting XP running under vmware.

Thing is, I've got a licensed and registered copy of XP installed on the same machine and dual booting with FC3. I'm guessing that if I want to somehow reinstall my licensed copy of XP as a virtual machine I'll have to phone $soft to get them to reset the registration because it will appear to XP to be a totally different machine. Am I correct about this? Any advice gratefully received.

Dave Fletcher

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