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Re: Finding files containing 'string'

On Thursday, Feb 2nd 2006 at 09:50 -0800, quoth Rick Stevens:

=>To search ALL files, display the files with matching names AND the line
=>that matches:
=>	# find / -exec grep -iH pattern \{\} \;
=>Modify the find command to exclude directories you know you aren't
=>interested in.  For example to ignore any "mail" directories:
=>	# find / -path "*mail*" -prune -o -exec grep -iH pattern \{\} \;


find dir -type f | xargs grep stuff

Learn it. Love it. The Bad Way will generate a child process to search one 
file. The Good Way will generate the minimal number of grep processes to 
do the job. Also note the use of -type f so you don't seaarch devices and 

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