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Re: CD/CDR Operation

Andy Pickens wrote:
> I have Fedora 4, Thunderbird, and Firefox working pretty well, except
> for the CDs. if I try to mount a music CD on the CD reader, or a blank
> CD on the CDR drive, I get the message:
> "Could not determine filesystem type, and none was specified."
> Gtoast goes through the motions of working, but fails.  (I didn't write
> down the message, but it sent me places that were no help.)
> A little guidance will be appreciated.
> Andy Pickens
> San Antonio, TX
Why would you try and mount a music of blank CD? They do not have
file systems on them, so there is nothing to mount.

Now, if you tell us what you are trying to do, we can probably help
you do it. You do not mount a music Cd to play it, or rip tracks
from it. You also do not mount a blank CD in order to burn it.


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