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Re: Remote code and compile with GUI from Windows to Linux?

On 2/3/06, Gilboa Davara <gilboad gmail com> wrote:
On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 01:05 -0600, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I have a multi-programmer project coming up. The application will be
> compiled, run and tested on a remote Linux box. I myself use FC4 + KDE
> + KDevelop, but the others with whom I will be working using Windows +
> Visual Studio 2k3. Are there any higher level (for lack of a better
> term) ways for them to code their share of the project from Windows
> besides Putty + Vim/Emacs ?
> Your suggestions will b e much appreciated.
> Arthur
> --

I hadn't considered either such an approach. Was originally hoping a Windows program that was up to task. But this, this sounds good . . .

I had a similar problem with my own development team.
I did the following:
1. I configured multiple VNC account on the target FC4 machine. All
accounts were configured to use KDE.
2. I created an SMB share for each user.

This I don't get, if you are doing VNC,  what is the use of the SMB share per user?

3. I installed vnc-client on each Windows machine, and configure Windows
to use the SMB share.
4. I gave them a short how-to on how use to VNC, Kate/Anjuta/KDevelop
and Makefiles.
5. I create a smart generic make file for the project, making it easy
for them to add/remove files to the main project.

This will be a C++ project (mainly) how does your smart generic makefile help the project? My experience with makefiles are limited to what KDevelop generates for me.

Now, that they are slowing getting into Linux, I plan to migrate the VNC
to an X-server. (Either X-win or Exceed) and give each of them his own
Linux machine to manage.

I'll have to lookup X-win ad Exceed, if at least for future reference.



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