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Re: Remote code and compile with GUI from Windows to Linux?

On 2/3/06, Alan Peery <peery io com> wrote:
Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> I have a multi-programmer project coming up. The application will be
> compiled, run and tested on a remote Linux box.

There are three main paths here:

   1. remote X windows.  Your machine is ready to go (minus a bit of
      settings), windows PC could be given X capabilities via installing
      the X windows package that is part of Cygwin (www.cygwin.com).

This sounds like something I would do for myself if I was the one stuck on the Windows machine. Ie. a little too much.

   2. Running multiple VNC server sessions on the remote linux box (look
      in /etc/vnc*) and connecting to them.  Easy for you (yum install
      vnc), also very easy for Windows (www.tightvnc.com).

I am currently using VNC myself to connect to my workstation over the university network, I think it works well, however, things like Alt+Tab don't make it through, and it feels slow to me.

   3. Running NX (www.freenx.com) on the remote server, giving you
      mutiple sessions running on the remote server ala VNC.  Clients
      are readily available at www.nomachine.com.

What are your opinions  re: VNC v. NX ?

I would go for the VNC solution to start as it is an easier install than
NX.  NX seems to have better handling of things like shift keys with the
arrow key, and other subtleties of than VNC so convert over to it once
you've figured out the install.  The primary reason to choose VNC or NX
over X is the resumability of sessions, but remember to plan additional
amounts of swap space on the machine as you'll be pushing the machine
harder with full remote sessions.

I like the resumeability factor. The machine I may be getting for the work might not be up to spec for this, do you think that my own 2.5GHz/1GB RAN/1GB swap will possibly doing coding/compiling/testing then later routinely copying over the src to the targer machine (over NFS) and building there would be a good idea?
Alan Peery
peery io com

Thanks for the input.
As a boy I jumped through Windows, as a man I play with Penguins.
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