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Re: Remote code and compile with GUI from Windows to Linux?

On 2/3/06, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell gmail com> wrote:
On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 04:35, Alan Peery wrote:
A couple of additions to this:

You can run Cygwin X in two different modes.  If you start it
with 'X -query host' you get a graphic login prompt followed
by a full X desktop in what appears to be one large MS window.
If you run it in 'X -multiwindow' mode instead, you do not
get a root window or window manager.  Instead, if start
individual remote applications (usually via ssh) the each
open in what appears to be their own MS window and mingle
with local apps on the normal desktop.  There is a CD that
you can run with no installation http://xlivecd.indiana.edu/
although if you like it you probably should install a current
version and keep it updated.

 'X -multiwindow' sounds interesting, wasn't aware of it previously. However, is it worth the additional installation/setup work? In your opinion do you think it would be more intuitive to work with?

Also, if by 'remote', you mean over a low bandwidth or
internet connection, freenx/NX will give much better
performance than vnc or normal X.

Bandwidth should not be a factor, as my machine and the tartget machine to resideson a university lan with some Cisco routing between the LAN and the WWW. I expect the part of the team of the lan can vpn into it and access the machines.

But tell me, I seem to remember NX not being totally free, I'll be reading up on it tonight for sure, but can you brief me on just now free it is?

Thank you.
As a boy I jumped through Windows, as a man I play with Penguins.
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