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Re: CD/CDR Operation

Thank you. That is helpful, but my real interest is in making data CDs, e.g. a downloaded rescue disc.

Andy Pickens

Peter Gordon wrote:

On Thu, 2006-02-02 at 13:40 -0600, Andy Pickens wrote:
I have Fedora 4, Thunderbird, and Firefox working pretty well, except for the CDs. if I try to mount a music CD on the CD reader, or a blank CD on the CDR drive, I get the message:

"Could not determine filesystem type, and none was specified."

Audio CDs do not have filesystems (just the raw audio track data), so
you cannot mount them. Please try gnome-cd (part of the gnome-media
package). That will allow you to play the audio CD. You can rip the
audio data to your hard disk using sound-juicer (assuming that it is
legal for you to do that, of course).

These are just two of the many CD playing/ripping applications available
to choose from. A search via Yum should turn up many more should you
want to look at those, as well.

Hope that helps!

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