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Re: Remote code and compile with GUI from Windows to Linux?

On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 11:38, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
>         http://xlivecd.indiana.edu/

>  'X -multiwindow' sounds interesting, wasn't aware of it previously.
> However, is it worth the additional installation/setup work? In your
> opinion do you think it would be more intuitive to work with? 

If these are windows users and will be running other windows
apps at the same time it is fairly seamless - and with the
-clipboard option you can cut and paste text between the
linux/windows windows.  The live CD runs in this mode by
default so it is easy to test.  You could probably build some
windows icons to launch the apps transparently.  On the other
hand if you are a Linux user stuck on a Windows box, you'd
probably prefer the XDCMP login and full desktop.  There is
yet another alternative, which is running an X window manager
on the windows side but I've never liked that and it doesn't
make much sense without local X apps.

>         Also, if by 'remote', you mean over a low bandwidth or
>         internet connection, freenx/NX will give much better 
>         performance than vnc or normal X.
> Bandwidth should not be a factor, as my machine and the tartget
> machine to resideson a university lan with some Cisco routing between
> the LAN and the WWW. I expect the part of the team of the lan can vpn
> into it and access the machines. 

X needs low latency more than bandwidth, so the speed may
depend on the number of hops and delay introduced by the

> But tell me, I seem to remember NX not being totally free, I'll be
> reading up on it tonight for sure, but can you brief me on just now
> free it is?

Nomachine.com has a commercial version of the server but gives
the clients away.  Freenx is a GPL'd version of the server that
should be in the fedora extras repository.  It generates a
unique key for each installation so you have to remember the
step of adding the key to each client.  I've had trouble
reconnecting to sessions and haven't tried the advanced
features like sound, but it handles the things a normal X
session will do and is much more usable on slow or high
latency connections.

You didn't mention source control - are you planning to use
cvs or something?  If so, you don't need all the developers
on one machine - and if the app is cross platform they could
just develop with their native tools.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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