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Re: CD/CDR Operation

Andrew Pickens wrote:
Thank you. That is helpful, but my real interest is in making data CDs, e.g. a downloaded rescue disc.

I presume you have downloaded Knoppix, or Kanotix, or rescuecd,
or sth similar, and have an ISO image. In that case, you *still*
do not mount the CDROM. One mounts file systems, not devices.
A blank CDROM does not have a file system on it.

I suggest you use K3b. Go through any install that is necessary,
and run K3b once to do the setup (like detection of your CDROM
drive, setting max. speed, etc.) and exit K3b.

Let's suppose you have your ISO image in /home/mystuff/isos/rescue.iso
Then you'd put the disc in, and if some CD CREATOR pops up, then
close its window. Then start K3b. Close any "Tip of the Day"
that it may put up. Then click on the top menu
Tools->CD->Burn CD Image

Click on the file folder next to "Image to burn" and
browse to /home/mystuff/isos/rescue.iso or whatever your
image is. K3b will load up the file, and compute its
md5sum. Now click Start in the upper right hand corner.

It should burn your CD for you.

To check it, close K3b and reload the disc. It should
mount, and if you look at it, you should *not* see
rescue.iso as a file, but rather a bunch of files.
If you see a single file with .iso extension, then
you did it wrong.

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