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Re: Remote code and compile with GUI from Windows to Linux?

On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 13:21, Arthur Pemberton wrote:

> No I didn't (yet) mention source control. I have in mind cvs or
> subversion. I have been able to make a desicion yet, partly due to my
> ignorance on their contrasting pros and cons. I am only aware that cvs
> seems more popular, and that I am sure that FC will support it via
> default yum repos. 

CVS has been around forever and does what you need.  Subversion
adds better support for loosely connected groups working
independently but you will probably want close coordination

> How would source control enable the devlopers to be on multiple
> machines though, I would assume they need access to the remote machine
> where g++ lives to compile/test, no?

You can access the repository remotely as easily as through
the filesystem.   Every developer should have his own
workspace and frequently commit his own changes and update
the code to pick up the other committed changes but it
doesn't matter if the workspaces are local or not.  The
price is right for Linux development software...

> Currently the app is intended to be solely linux based (eventually
> I'll custom build a lite kernel) as the intended hardware is to be
> small and as such likely low spec. So no gui. 

If you don't have a gui you might be able to develop and
test on other platforms - or at least be able to compile
under Cygwin.  When that works, the code could be committed
and someone could check it back out on the Linux box and build
for testing.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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