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Re: OT(?) FC2 Very slow printing to HP DeskJet 870Cse

Mike McCarty wrote:
> I did find this...
> # cat /proc/sys/dev/parport/parport0/irq
> -1
> And -1 happens to be what tunelp reports.
> I wonder whether putting a 7 in there would help
> any.
Well, I have 7 in there, and "tunelp /dev/lp0" returns
/dev/lp0 using IRQ 7

But I suspect you will get the same error as with tunelp.
What you may want to do is the next time you boot the system,
go into the BIOS setup and check the mode, and if it has an
IRQ assigned to it.
> # cat /proc/sys/dev/parport/parport0/modes
> Hmm. EPP looks ok, I guess. I dunno what PCSPP means.
I forget what it stands for, but I believe that is the mode where
the port uses DMA for transfers.

> # cat /proc/sys/dev/parport/parport0/spintime
> 500
> I wonder whether tuning this might speed things up?
Well, that is one of the things that tunelp is supposed to be tweak.
You may want to use tunelp instead of writing it directly.


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