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Re: OOo PDF export bloat: including fonts in PDFs

Charles Curley wrote:
> Every month I write and export a certain document as PDF so I can send
> it to the client. It has been in the 3KB range. All of a sudden it has
> gone to 432 KB.
> The difference is that I have gone to a fresh hard drive with a fresh
> installation of FC4 and OOo 2.0. The previous installation is FC4 and
> OOo 1.4 upgraded to 2.0.
> The large files include fonts, the small ones do not. As far as I can
> tell, the document does not use the included font.
> How can I find out which fonts are included and which are not?
> Thanks

Open it in evince = Document Viewer, choose the File menu, select
Properties, and use the Fonts tab?

A quick check on my system suggests that OOo 2 embeds all the fonts it
uses: maybe you've changed font.

Hope this helps,


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