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Re: OT(?) FC2 Very slow printing to HP DeskJet 870Cse

Tim wrote:
On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 11:52 -0600, Mike McCarty wrote:

Can anyone point to help on configuring the printer device?
Perhaps interrupts are disabled, or sth the like.

BIOS settings for the parallel port?  If I have mine set to auto,
various distros of Linux don't notice the port, but if I manually pick
IRQs for it, things are fine.  Likewise, the modes for using the port,
EPP, ECP, etc., might need to be manually set to suit the printer.

An obvious thing that springs to mind if the printer was working, then
wasn't, is the condition of the cable?  If you've moved anything and
it's a bit dodgy, that could be the root cause of problems.

BIOS reports Base 378 IRQ 7 ECP.
I put a brand new IEEE compliant cable on, hoping to make it faster.
This printer has never been used with Linux before.

I added an entry in /etc/modules.conf for parport_pc, no joy

$ cat /etc/modules.conf
# I2C module options
alias char-major-89 i2c-dev
options parport_pc io=0x378 irq=7 dma=3

This is not a postscript printer...

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