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Re: A question about procmailrc

Hongwei Li wrote:
A correction:  from the beginnig of the subject line to the last searching
letter should not exceed 65 chars. For example, suppose the subject line is

Acccc Bnnnn ..... Hhhhhh is out of the office

and the matching string is "is out of the", then if the count from A (the
first letter of the subject line) to e (the last letter of the matching
string) is longer than 65, say 66, then the procmailrc does not function. Then, remove any one letter before "is out...", it works.

Everybody can try it to see if that is the case.

Is there anyway to lift this limit?  Since Lotus Notes may add very long and
strang things in the subject line, it will be very usefull to lift this limit
to 80 chars long or so.

That limit just sounds terribly unlikely.  The default LINEBUF is
2048, and it cannot be set smaller than 128.  I wonder if Lotus
Notes is actually word-wrapping the long subject line, e.g.:

   Subject: Aaa Bbbb Ccc/Xxxx Yyy/Zzzz Dddd/Eeee is out of the

If your email client reassembles the split line you might not be
aware of the split.  Procmail does reassemble the split line, but
it's possible that whitespace is being mishandled.  Procmail's
manpage has a noteabout a problem with the embedded newlines in
continued headers.  Try adding a '+' sign after each space
character in your matcher and see if that helps.

Bob Nichols         Yes, "NOSPAM" is really part of my email address.

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