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Re: A question about procmailrc

On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 21:31, Hongwei Li wrote:
> >
> > Procmail does not recognize the notation [[:space:]] as representing any
> > whitespace character, so the only solution I found is to replace each space
> > character with "[ 	]+" (without the quotes, of course, and the brackets
> > actually contain just two characters, <SPACE> and <TAB>).  That makes the
> > matcher work correctly regardless of how the line gets split.  Yes, it looks
> >like a mess, but I couldn't find anything else that works 100%.

> the subject line is wrapped, it adds extra char(s) in between "of" and "the",
> then it does not match.  So, I tried:
> * ^Subject:.*is.*out.*of.*the
> then, it works for all cases.  But, it seems that it is not always safe. It
> may filter some normal emails?

I think you missed the answer in the message you were responding to.
* ^Subject:.*is[  ]+out[  ]+of[  ]+the
should be the correct approach, with each of the []'s enclosing one
space and one tab character.  The [  ]+ expression means match one
or more (any number more) of the characters enclosed, so there has
to be one space and it won't matter if more or tabs are introduced
by the header wrap/indent. 

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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