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Re: Cups config error

On Friday 03 February 2006 21:34, david walcroft wrote:
>   I'm trying to change the printers config from 'photo' to 'draft'

Humm, there is no reason why you can't just define a new printer 
(lp1,lp2,lp3 ad infinitum) with the characteristics you want it to 
have, as long as the physical printer itself can do it with the correct 
driver as selected on that page at localhost:631.

I personally have an Epson C82 defined as 4 'printers', and I feed the 
job to whatever 'printer' is best suited to the job at hand, all the 
way from a draft quality 180 dpi b&w, to full color photographic stuff 
at 1440 squared.

>at http://localhost:631/ but get this error

I'm not a cups guru by any means but it sounds like something is hosed 
in the cups install.  Is this a printer that needs to have foomatic 
installed also?  My Epson C82 doesn't need it and foomatic in fact 
fouls the nest as I'm using a locally built and installed 
gutenprint-5.0-rc2, but other printers might not be so lucky.  I assume 
you've done a 'service cups restart' since the last update?  It might 
be that simple.

>I've never seen this before,any body know what to do.
>Printer HP PSC2110
>Fully updated FC 4.
>   Thanks   david

Cheers, Gene
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