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Re: can an access point connect through an access point? [Solved]

On Sun January 29 2006 6:59 pm, Claude Jones wrote:
> far as I can tell, from
> all the info in the manual, and from the support pages on D-Links site, my
> particular model Access Point can't be put into "bridge" mode
> > There is hardware to do that - but that doesn't mean that your device is
> > capable of it or not capable of it. I simply don't know.
> >
> > I believe that their DWL-G710 Wireless Range Extender can do what you
> > want...
> I've found an ActionTek device that seems to fill the bill - it's designed
> as a wireless bridge to connect to wireless Access Points, according to
> their spec sheets and promos - got one ordered

The ActionTek HWE05490-01 turned out to be the perfect answer. 

They call it a wireless adapter, but, it's a wireless bridge. It's own IP 
becomes transparent once configured, and doesn't have to be part of the same 
subnet as the network it's installed to. That part threw me at first. You 
configure it by plugging it in to your LAN port, giving your LAN NIC a fixed 
IP on the same subnet as the factory configured IP of the device (it comes 
set to, and then using a browser to enter the configuration 
windows. There you can give it the parameters of your wireless LAN (SSID and 
security settings - you don't have to give it an IP on the same subnet as 
your LAN), click  "apply" and then "connect"; once done with configuration, I 
just set my NIC to get it's address through DHCP, and I was connected. This 
solution is nice because it requires no drivers and tinkering with Linux - 
once configured, the device acts like a wireless hub and is itself invisible 
to your computer. Once configured, it just comes up working in Windows, as 
well. Ironically, I was working on an old Win98/Linux dual-boot. I couldn't 
remember the details of configuring network connections with Win98 at first, 
and found it easier to configure from Linux ---

Thanks for all the suggestions.......
Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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