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Re: Issuse installing either i386 or x86_64

John Summerfied wrote:
Chris wrote:
Greetings -

    Has anyone ever managed to install FC4 on a Sony Vaio desktop, model
VGC-RB53 ?
I can install - but on boot up after the install, I get a kernel panic and it just hangs.

I did a bit of googling for the machine. Seems it's a P IV. Why would x86_64 work?

What kernel is installed? Can you force an i686 kernel?

Bare with my please - I am still very much green when it comes to Linux.
Why would x86_64 work? Shot in the dark - meaning, I have Novel Suse 9 here and it stated upon initial install that I was about to install a 32 bot OS on a 64 bit box (I know - seems odd) So, I figured (again, not knowing much of Linux) I might try the CentOS 64 bit version - of course it didn't work.

As to the kern - I cant recall. I do recall tho that there were 2 options to boot from. One was smp (I think) and the other mentioned -up : Neither worked of course.

I'm not sure why the install kern would allow the setup to get to the end, then the installed kern would cause a blowup.
It seems to me that it would be the other way around.

Best regards,

Never create a problem for which you do not have
the answer.

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