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Re: Wireless network sharing

Mike Chambers wrote:
Hi folks,

Got a quick question that a friend asked at work.  He has a network of
desktops and laptops at home, all connected via Wireless-G router
(Linksys), either wireless or via cable.  Can the wireless machines
share files/devices with the cabled machines, no matter the OS?  Yes, in
his environment he is running Windows (not sure which version), but also
asking in my case, of running Windows XP AND Fedora.

I think he said the problem he ran into was it told him he had to
connect the cable and basically, I guess, wouldn't do it via wireless

Plug all the wired clients into one of the four LAN connectors (directly or by extending it with another switch) and you're cooking with gas.

It's exactly what I do at home (wrt54g) and exactly what we do at work (Airport Extremes).

Not what you want I know, but for completeness, you can plug your wired LAN in via the "modem" connector and isolate the two networks, and the WRT54G has the capabily of isolating clients from each other. Note this does _not_ prevent snooping with software such as Kismet.



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