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Re: Corrupted rpmdb recovery

Ovidiu Lixandru <ovidiu <at> linux360.ro> writes:
> I've got a FC4 system. While doing an yum update today, the power was 
> cut. Upon booting the machine again and trying to resume the update, yum 
> complained about a corrupted db.
> I initially tried "rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db*". Nothing. Moved onto "rpm 
> --rebuilddb". Only ~100 packages made it back into the db from the total 
> of 1000+.
> Upon googling around, I found out about rpm --justdb. My 
> /var/log/rpmpkgs file is intact, all the previously installed files are 
> in it. But upon running "rpm --justdb --notriggers --noscripts -Uvh 
> /var/log/rpmpkgs", rpm complains (of course) about the missing rpm 
> files. Is there any way of automatically downloading the required files 
> and serving them to rpm? yum --downloadonly seems to have vanished, too.
> I'd be most grateful for your suggestions.

There is yumdownloader in the yum-utils package which downloads rpm files using
yum.  It replaced the --download flag.

Or you could just use "yum install" to install all the "missing" rpms.  It will
write out the files.  That is unnecessary work but won't cause any harm because
RPM will replace the existing files.

 - Ian

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