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Re: Problems following a non-gracefull shutdown

Roy Erickson wrote:

Hi all:

Last week we had a power outage. My FC4 machine was eating up the battery reserves of our network switch which was needed while the rest of the shop was executing graceful shutdowns, so I literally flipped the switch on it.

That should not hurt much.

After starting it up, after power was restored, I noticed that it had "(none)" for it's hostname, down in the lower right hand corner where it real hostname was before.

Generally, that means your network didn't come up.

I logged in, got a warning that GNOME would not work correctly w/o an IP#, and opened a terminal shell.
When I did an 'ls' I got  Segmentation Fault


Likely this is why the network didn't come up.

Any way to clean up form this?

What filesystem are you using? ext2/ext3 are supposed to handle this pretty well and it's a very long time since I had a problem with them. OTOH some others (and I don't want to cast nasturtiums) have less stellar reputations.

In any event, booting your rescue CD and running a filesystem check is a good start. I'm a little torn about recommending a read-only check - it sounds conservative, but it won't fix the problem. OTOH, a rw test (necessary to fix it) also has the possibility to make it worse.

It's a quandary, best resulved by Roy.



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