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Re: Corrupted rpmdb recovery

Ovidiu Lixandru wrote:
jludwig wrote:

I gave this advice for recovery before and may well work for you.
What I suggested; --->First read the man and info pages for these commands so you <---
--->understand what is being done (if you already don't ).<----

I *do* understand what it's being done.

You can force updates and installs
->rpm -Uvh --force --nodeps filename.rpm

I don't think you've read my question too carefully. I have the list of the previuosly installed rpms (/var/log/rpmpkgs), I know what should I do with it, but I don't have the rpm files in themselves and mirroring 8+ repos locally is not very appealing. Please read my question again. Any help would be most welcome.

If you know what the missing 900 packages are, I believe enabling the 8 repos and choosing install instead of upgrade might be your best answer when going through the list you have. I believe using --force is not needed. Yum is a dep solver and should pull in the missing from the rpm database files again. Ii will not know the packages are not installed so will overwrite your files for non-configuration files. For configuration files, it will make an .rpmnew or similar named file.

Looking at /var/log/rpmpkgs the listings are on one line at a time. What you could do is run an rpm -qa |sort >~/my-100.rpms and compare them to the log and manually removing the missed entries or get a diff between the log and the file that you generated and install the differences file feeding it to yum install.

This is an idea that I think will work for you. I do not know the specifics if uniq or diff would be your best option to create the missing 900 list. There are some pretty crafty people on the list who could explain how to get you your 900 database entries back if by needing to install alll the packages again, which I'd personally do or to just reclaim the db entries as you suggested. The mirrors might be happier if you could just pull down the rpm database entries again.

I hope this spawns some solutions for you.


An rpm database is a terrible thing to waste.

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