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Re: Problem with X11 in FC 4

fb wrote:
> Dear Fedorologists,
> I'm also a victim (probably) of the upgrade to 2.6.15-
> 1.1830_FC4 kernel with yumex. So I can see a dead 
> green screen when X started. 
> My videocard  a Matrox Mill. G550. 
> I'm also not found any ee lines in the x-org and I tried 
> to install the:

There are two separate problems getting confused here.  The original
poster has the problem of X not starting at all and blowing him back out
into text mode.  He will have some (EE) stuff in his X log and that was
who the advice to look was aimed at.

Now there is a separate problem I saw myself on two machines here with
ATI graphics, X starts up fine but the video is munged.  In both cases
updating to the new module-init-tools from updates-testing fixed the
problem.  On one machine at least, a workaround was to Ctrl-Alt-F1 then
back to Ctrl-Alt-F7.

> http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/cor
> e/updates/testing/4/i386/module-init-tools-3.2-
> 0.pre9.0.FC4.1.i386.rpm
> file, but about rpm error message: that file already 
> installed.

What does

rpm -q module-init-tools



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