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Re: Wireless network sharing

> and the
> WRT54G has the capabily of isolating clients from each other. Note this
> does _not_ prevent snooping with software such as Kismet.

I have been trying to assist a friend with his WRT54G and I think the
wireless side has no way of connecting to the wired side of the

He has windows xp on a desktop with an HP printer attached, no matter
what I do I cannot get the laptop to connect the the share, heck it
doesn't even see it.  If I plug the laptop in with a wire then all is
find, kind of defeats the purpose of being wireless.

I brought his laptop home and let it connect to my dlink DI524 and it
saw and connected to my samba shares and even printed to my epson

I have yet to find a setting in the WRT54G that will enable the
wireless to wired connections.


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