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Re: Trouble with samba

Take a peek here it might be what your looking for


On 2/6/06, Richard Verdugo <richverdugo gmail com> wrote:
Can someone please make a few suggestions? I'm using fc3 setting up a
machine to be a member of a win 2000 domain.
After I setup samba,  and winbind , I use net rpc join -W <domainname> -U
<username> , it works and says I joined the domain, then I use  wbinfo -t to
test it, it works fine, then wbinfo -g and I get a list of domain groups,
but then when I try wbinfo -u it fails saying it can't access network user
list, and when I try to access the samba share from a windows machine I get
" duplicate name, already exists on network" but I know for sure it doesn't
because I renamed the hostname many times.
Any ideas would be much appreciated,
Thank you,

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