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Re: Kernel 2.6.15-1.1830 lock-up issues

On Sat, 4 Feb 2006, Claude Jones wrote:

Installed the new kernel this am, and updated all my modules (fglrx and ntfs,
plus the vmwareplayer). All seemed well. Returned to the machine some time
later and it was in screen saver. I have this machine set to require a
password  to exit screensaver. It took the password and the desktop opened.
Then, I noticed there was no mouse cursor. Looked at the CPU activity monitor
and it was pegged at 100%. Waited a long while but to no avail. Was able to
switch to a console with Ctl-Alt-F1 but before I could log in, I got a kernel
panic and some messages about being unable to sync. I did a hard reset and
came back up, and then tried a reboot. The screen switched to black after a
moment, and the machine hung - no commands accepted, no activity visible on
the machine, nothing - did another hard reset. Per an earlier message, I
tried upgrading module-init-tools from updates-testing. Tried another reboot,
but got the same result again when I tried a shutdown... For now, I've booted
into the previous kernel.

I think I have similar issues. First thing I noticed was that udev had failed. Then I got messages to the effect of "Buffer I/O error on device hdb1, logical error" and "dev/hdb1 read failed after 0 of 2048 input/output error. No volume groups found." Using a live CD I was able to boot up the system, but my hard drives are not found with the live CD. I did have the USB drive visible which seems strange.

After a night of searching out stuff on the web, and trying to find the answer in a linux book here at home, I finally figured out how to boot into the the previous kernel and am getting the same messages. I finally got in contact with the guy who helped me upgrade this system and he's thinking I need to re-install the OS. I'm afraid I might have a bad disk. Any suggestions on how to proceed? I plan on trying to go back a few more kernels before giving up to a reinstall.



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