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Re: Combine a 2.4 GHz pc with a 500 Mhz pc?

Galeon is a good alternative to Firefox on Gnome when you're looking for responsiveness.

Billy Tallis wrote:

On 2/8/06, Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> wrote:
On Wed, 2006-02-08 at 13:29 +0000, James Wilkinson wrote:
Unless you're doing something particularly speed-related, Fedora
should work perfectly on a 500 MHz system -- or a 60 MHz Pentium, come
to that.
I can't attest to the 60 MHz, but I've got it running quite fine on a
collection of old PCs:

566 MHz Celeron, 385056 kB RAM
500 MHz Celeron, 385052 kB RAM
450 MHz PIII, 511 MB RAM
260 MHz PII, 196608 kB RAM

The slowest one surprised me, I thought it'd be unbearable, but it's
passable, even using Gnome.  It's been cobbled together out of left-over
bits to be a jukebox, so once it's going it doesn't need to played with,
and you can't tell it's slow unless you're messing with the GUI.

How responsive is the slowest one with an app like Firefox? I use a
machine that is 200Mhz and 64MB and FF is very slow.  I do agree that
Gnome isn't as slow as one would expect, but then I usually have at
least two swap disks.

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