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Re: chmod

gary wrote:
> In a attempt to get audacity running again (now I get i/o errors
> in user mode) I decided change permissions on /dev/dsp from 600 
> to 660 to see what effect that would have on my audacity problem.
> Each time I leave root, /dev/dsp reverts back to 600.
> Why can't I change permissions on /dev/dsp?

How are you becoming root? Are you logging in, or using su - from a

I suspect you're logging in. This is generally considered a Bad Idea,
because mistakes made while root are potentially more serious (they can
do more damage), so it makes sense to limit the time spent as root.

It would also mean that when you log back in again, udev carefully
recreates /dev/dsp with the appropriate permissions -- 600.

But in any case, I think you're barking up the wrong tree. Either udev
is seriously screwed, or /dev/dsp should be read-write for you anyway.
$ ls -l /dev/dsp
crw-------  1 james root 14, 3 Feb  9 07:42 /dev/dsp
dsp should be owned by whoever's logged in at the console. Anything done
by that owner should have full access to /dev/dsp.

Hope this helps,


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