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Re: Suggestion please - Binary newsgroup posting software.

From: "Robin Laing" <Robin Laing drdc-rddc gc ca>


I have searched and checked the major repositories for this but I have not had any luck.

I want a program to post multipart, rar'd and yenc encoded files to the alt.binary.* groups. I would prefer a graphical front end but I have not really found anything that is current.

I did find newspost and I am going to give it a try. It compiled last night.


There is supposed to be a front end for Gnome and KDE but I could not get them to compile last night. Their support is so out of date that they are looking for things in places that don't exist on FC4.

Yea I can use Pine or other manual techniques but these are a real pain when uploading a 3gig multimedia file.

Thank you.

Please don't do this to me when I am drinking fluids!

I hearken back to the days when use(less)net postings were limited to
32k - text. So I sat here envisioning some poor desperate sod trying
to upload 100,000 messages containing his "multimedia file."

(By the way, this was just mentioned in "Hollywood Reporter" recently.
I just lost it giggling over the concept. Anyway, Hollywood is aware
of the activity. Watch for it to get interesting with regards to
downloaders and the RIAA from Hell.)


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