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Re: Desperate situation

On Thursday 09 February 2006 21:58, Mike McCarty wrote:

> Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Of course, step 2 is to change
> your backup strategy to include what was omitted.
It's somewhat ironic that all my thoughts have been on what's necessary for my 
file/print/mail server, partly because my backup strategy has been patchy, to 
say the least, since I started using linux.  The fact that it's so reliable 
has made me more careless than I ever was before.  However, ad hoc backups 
will have to suffice for the next week or so, until I get things settled on 
the new installations, after which a much more robust backup strategy should 
be in place.

> I love Knoppix and Kanotix. IIRC, Knoppix has a copy of K3b on it. That
> is a very nice tool for burning CDs.
I had taken out the second CD/DVD drive, and I rather assumed that knoppix 
would need access to the disk from time to time, so the drive would not be 
available for burning.  Am I wrong on that?  Still, pen-drives saved the day, 
and I can use this box for the burning.

> GRUB may be installed either in the MBR or in a regular BR. I have
> mine installed in a regular BR, and use the WinXP boot load manager
> to manage boot. My machine can boot either Linux or WinXP, and it
> doesn't like a changed MBR; it goes into auto-recovery mode. It's been
> years since I used LiLo. You might try the systemrescuecd
> http://www.sysresccd.org/ for rewriting LiLo to the MBR.
Since the data appears to be fine, with only the MBR affected, I'm going to 
put in a large new disk tonight, and copy everything across from the old 
drive.  After that, it would be useful to know if there is a good tool for 
aggressively scanning the drive to see what damage exists.  Any advice on 
that?  It will probably have to be ditched, but I'd like to test it first.


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