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Re: Desperate situation

Anne Wilson wrote:
My main workstation is awaiting its turn to move to FC4, and was running Mandriva. I now find that I cannot boot from the primary drive at all. It looks as though something desperate has happened to the MBR, where lilo lived.

Checking my data backup, I find that I have missed a whole, vitally important, directory. I need to get that data to a safe place before trying anything in the way of rescue.

I have got knoppix 3.2 up and can see the files. I've got a pen-drive mounted as root, but can't copy the files onto it. Trying
cp /mnt/hde7/anne/Gnucash/ /mnt/sde	gets
cp: omitting directory /mnt/hde7/anne/Gnucash/

I tried to do it with a gui, but 'kdesu konqueror' says that it cannot connect to the X server.

I'm now desperate.  How can I get those files onto my pen-drive?


Late response but here are some links that may help.

Data Recovery Myths

Hard drive recovery utilities: when you can't afford to lose that data

recoverdm - recover files/disks with damaged sectors

HOWTO Recover Files from a Non-Bootable Windows PC using Ubuntu Live

Good luck.

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