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Re: Desperate situation

On Friday 10 February 2006 22:23, Jeff Vian wrote:
> This sounds a lot like some things I have encountered.
> First one very critical question... What type of ribbon cable are you
> connecting the drives with?   Cable select or not.
> Almost all new drive cables are cable select cables.  They usually have
> a colored connector at the board end, a grey connector in the middle
> (slave) and a black connector at the drive end (master).
Interesting - I have never heard of them being called CS cables, but your 
description is exactly what I have - an 80-wire ribbon cable matching your 

> If you are jumpering the drives any way except as cable select (cs) then
> you may encounter problems when using them on a CS cable.  You *will*
> encounter problems if a drive jumpered for master is connected to the
> slave connector, and vice versa.  You *may* encounter problems with a
> drive jumpered as master and connected to the master connector or when
> jumpered as slave and connected to the slave connector (I have seen this
> myself).
I've never used CS - I've never been comfortable with the idea - but the black 
is connected to hda and the grey to hdb, so they are the correct connections.  
I always understood that jumpering overrode CS, but perhaps you are right, 
and it is now necessary to use CS.

Thanks for the suggestion


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