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Request for Comment - OT

I have been asked to start a feasibility study into the provision of a 
particular service.  I am donating my time free of charge.

A very short document outlining the background and the requirements of this 
service can be found at


I would be grateful if members of this list could take a look at this document 
and offer their suggestions/comments.  This mailing list is not the forum for 
this subject, so I'd encourage anyone that is able or wiling to comment on 
this RFC to post to the address in the above-mentioned document.

I would like to stress that this project is not commercial and is never 
intended to make a profit.  It may however turn out that we cannot keep the 
project open source, because of its very nature.  It may also be the case 
that in order to convince the various intended end-users of the security of 
the project, that the final provider of the service might be a commercial 
organisation, and that end-users may be asked to pay a contribution towards 
the upkeep of the service.
It is perhaps a sad comment on today's world that there are some people out 
there that believe that a commercial company is somehow inherently more 
trustworthy than a non-profit-making organisation!

Tony Dietrich
Transoft Computer Consultacy

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