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Re: Desperate situation

On Fri, 2006-02-10 at 16:23 -0600, Jeff Vian wrote:
> If you are jumpering the drives any way except as cable select (cs)
> then you may encounter problems when using them on a CS cable.  You
> *will* encounter problems if a drive jumpered for master is connected
> to the slave connector, and vice versa.  You *may* encounter problems
> with a drive jumpered as master and connected to the master connector
> or when jumpered as slave and connected to the slave connector (I have
> seen this myself).

You will ONLY have problems if you try mixing a drive set for cable
select with one that's not.  You will NOT have any problems putting two
drives each jumpered as slave and master on a cable select cable in
either of the master or slave positions.  All a cable select cable does
is jumper or open pins on the IDE connector, just the same as you'd do
with the jumpers next to it.  It makes no difference to the data in the
cable, and drives pay no attention to the cable select pins unless
they're jumpered to do so (or are badly designed).

Just about all high-speed ATA cables are cable select cables, it's
almost impossible to find ones that aren't.  Using one doesn't force you
to jumper your drives to be cable selected.

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