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Re: Desperate situation

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Saturday 11 February 2006 12:56, Jeff Vian 
>>Mind you, I did not say you will always have problems with jumpering
>>master/slave on the CS cable.
>>My experience was a system that had been working fine but suddenly began
>>getting weird problems, similar to what you have described, Anne.
>>I spent several weeks trying everything I could think of since I knew
>>the drive was good.  If I had only one drive attached there were no
>>problems, and if I put it in another machine there were no problems.
>>Someone suggested moving the jumpering to CS so I did, and miraculously
>>the problems disappeared.
>>I have since used CS exclusively on those cables and have never (in more
>>than 12 years) had a problem with drives. YMMV, but I have always had
>>good luck using cable select in all that I do on PCs.
> Point taken.  I'll bear it in mind for the future.  For the present, I have 
> something working, so I'll leave well alone :-)
> Thanks to all who helped.
> Anne
I have run into a drive or two that for some reason had problems
with master/slave jumpering when using two drives, but would work
fine with CS. I have also run into cases where there are two
different jumper settings listed for the master drive when using
a slave, and the one you used depended on the slave drive being
used. Then again, I can remember when you had to be very
careful when trying to hook two different brands of drives
together - you sometimes had to swap master and slave to get
them to work together. But by the time UDMA-66 drives came out, it
was not as much of a problem.

The problem with having different master settings depending on the
slave is still around. You sometime have to look at the drive manual
or quick start guide to find the alternate settings, but they are
still around. And it tends to be more common on drives that need
a jumper changed when you add a slave then drives that only need
one jumper changed when changing from master to slave to cable
select. (There is also more then one slave configuration.)


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