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Re: Graphics in Linux using C


I had a query regarding ps files and their generation from tex files.
The ps file has a whole bunch of numbers and alphabets between the
text like for the line "This is an abstract" we have something like

Fn(This)p 172 1761 26 4 v 196
1761 56 4 v 26 w(is)p 249 1761 26 4 v 273 1761 86 4 v
26 w(an)p 356 1761 26 4 v 380 1761 86 4 v 26 w(ab)p 461
1761 197 4 v(stract)-92 1828 y(.)j

These kind of seemingly random numbers prop up for any ps file. Could
anyone tell me what these numbers and alphabets signify ie basically
what kind of translation takes place when tex file gets converted to


On 2/10/06, Styma, Robert E (Robert) <stymar lucent com> wrote:
> > Thankx for the reply but dont think thats gonna work all that well. Am
> > trying to highlight strings in a ps file. Am able to search for the
> > string as I have the source code for the ps file and it has been
> > generated from tex using the latex command and then dvips.
> >
> > Now my problem is that any changes made to the source code arent quite
> > helpful in changing the output (the generated ps file) that you see on
> > ggv. I would've been able to do something by simply modifying the tex
> > file. But I dont have the tex file just the generated ps file. I need
> > to do something so that I can make changes to that.
> >
> > Does anyone have any suggestions?
> >
> > Am trying to highlight strings in a ps file. Am able to search for the
> > string. Any suggestions on how to highlight the already searched
> > string using C?
> The postscript language has features for doing reverse video.  It is a
> complex
> and somewhat convoluted language and I am not familiar enough with it to
> tell
> you what to do.  I am assuming that you are not planning on changing ggv.
> This leaves you with the option of running the ps file through a filter
> written
> in C (per your preference) and then displaying it.  You would need to look
> up the
> postscript spec to figure out what postscript controls are needed to
> highlight a
> section of code.
> You might poke around for a perl module which would contain some postscript
> filters.
> I do not know of one off hand, but there have been perl modules written to
> do just
> about everything else.
> Bob Styma
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