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Re: Desperate situation

On Saturday 11 February 2006 18:26, Claude Jones wrote:
> We had this same conversation some months back, with pretty much the same
> staunch positions being advocated. I build lots of machines, that's part of
> my job. I'm with the above. This has been my experience. Someone stated
> that ALL cables are CS now - I'd be curious to see the basis of that info.
> It's not been my experience at all. Someone else stated that all drives are
> being CS enabled or something to that effect - I buy lots of drives, and
> that is not my experience at all, here in the U.S. I think the standard is
> increasingly being met, and newer equipment is tending to adhere, but if
> you have to deal with a lot of older machines and suppliers, you'll
> eventually run into the anomalies descrbed by Mikkel. I have, and so
> described them some months back. It was certainly a suggestion worth making
> to Anne...and as we see, her results were anomalous, just as Mikkel, and I,
> have suggested can be...
<g>  Just how anomalous can you get?  This was two drives, same manufacturer, 
same model number.  They did not work correctly when cabled as the diagram on 
the drive label suggested, but did if I removed the jumper on the master 
drive.  Crazy!

Once upon a time I used to tell people that computers were logical.  I don't 
risk my neck any longer <g>


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