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Re: Splitting DVD-9 video to DVD-5

Reuben D. Budiardja wrote:
I am trying to find a way to backup my DVD movie. A lot of HowTo talks about shrinking and requantising (sp ?) the movie so that it'll fit to a single layer DVD-R. However, I want instead to just keep everything in the main feature (the video steam, audio streams, subtitles) and somehow record it to two single layer DVD-R.

I can copy just the main feature of the a DVD video using dvdbackup. Then I'll get a set of VOB files, for example: VTS_01_1.VOB VTS_01_2.VOB ... VTS_01_8.VOB

Now here I got stuck. It seems that I need to do is just burn VTS_01_[1-4] to a the first DVD-R, and burn the rest to the second DVD-R. But I need to generate the correct IFO and dvd structure for those VOB. What tools can I use to do that ? I've look at dvdauthor but could not figure out if it will do what I want, or how to do it. I tried to just cat-ting the a set of VOBs, then run it pass dvdauthor to see if it will create a correct DVD structures with the IFOs files, but it complains about "SCR moves backward ... " and asked me to re-multiplex. So I got stuck there.

Any help ?

Thanks in advance.
Reuben D. B

if the original disc is encrypted (and it likely is if it's a commercial one), then you cannot just copy the vob files. you would need to use a program like dvdbackup which will give you the option of backing up the whole disc or just whatever title you want. or you can use dvd9to5.pl which is a perl script that will shrink the main title of the dvd from a dual layer (as most commercial dvds are) to a normal 4.7gig disc. doing either of these things may be illegal depending on where you reside. but...

google for dvdbackup and/or dvd9to5.pl

also be aware that dvdbackup is unmaintained and will have dependancy issues with libdvdread if you install the latest version of libdvdread.

libdvdread is in the fc4 freshrpms repo --though you may need to get the version previous to the one that is offered there (due to the dependancy issue).

dvdbackup is in the fc4 rpmforge.net repo.

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