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Re: apache woes forbidden strange

yaa i know that. its just been bugging me for so many hours and im running out of things to try, so i thought id try giving it every access i could find.

I tried renaming the file, moving it to another directory, but still apache cannot see it.  Everyone else can, even my normal user..

Ill have a look at your suggestions. 


On 2/12/06, John Summerfied <debian herakles homelinux org> wrote:
Dan wrote:
> Hi guys.
> I am creating a yum repo using apache and have copied all the rpm files into
> a dir and everything seems to go fine.
> However when try to access the file
> http://localhost/yum/Fedora/Core/4/...8.6-15.i386.rpm<http://localhost/yum/Fedora/Core/4/base/perl-5.8.6-15.i386.rpm >
> i always get an access denied error.
> all the other files in the directory access filne, and i have given all
> permissions to that particular file in an attempt to get apache working.
> Is there anything i have missed or is this a known apache bug and will just
> have to live with it?
> The apache log has entries
> [Sun Feb 12 14:10:04 2006] [error] [client] (13)Permission denied:
> access to /yum/Fedora/Core/4/base/perl-5.8.6-15.i386.rpm denied
> the file permissions are set at
> -rwsrwxrwt 1 geekbox root 11766129 Feb 12 12:51 perl-5.8.6-15.i386.rpm
Bloody hell!
chown root.root
chmod 644
chown -R 0.0 /yum
find /yum -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;
find /yum -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;

You could also check for selinux messages.

You really do _not_ want it world-writable. Nor are set-gid or set-uid
or sticky appropriate. Nor executable.



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