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Re: Automatic update

On Sunday 12 Feb 2006 12:57, Paul Michael Reilly wrote:
>  I'll pay
> gladly to live on the bleeding edge.  Even the lack of Firefox 1.5 with
> FC4 is disturbing, enough to make me wonder what all the fuss over
> Ubuntu is all about.
> -pmr

I think the answer to this is that there are too many options available to the 
FC user to design an 'easy-update' strategy that fits all possible users.

There IS an answer, but it requires you to decide yourself what repos etc you 
want to pull things from, and how often you want to update etc.

Sort this all out, set up your repo files, then simply run the yum cron job at 
whatever frequency you like.  Hey presto, you've always got an up-to-date 
machine.  In amny ways, its easier than windows, since you can configure yum 
to exclude certain things that you do NOT want to update... I don't think you 
have that option with the Windows auto-updates, you have to set it to ask you 

Installations have to be manual, but then you wouldn't want your machine 
installing software you didn't have before and don't necessarily want.

I'd disable automatic kernel updates ... do those manually too.

If you like a graphical interface to your installing, try yumex, its still a 
bit rough, but it works.

Its a pity that the yum and apt repositories get out of sync quite so much, 
since I quite liked Synaptic, but ... <sigh>


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