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Re: Splitting DVD-9 video to DVD-5

Reuben D. Budiardja wrote:
On Saturday 11 February 2006 17:14, Anthony Messina wrote:

Reuben D. Budiardja wrote:

I am trying to find a way to backup my DVD movie. A lot of HowTo talks
about shrinking and requantising (sp ?) the movie so that it'll fit to a
single layer DVD-R. However, I want instead to just keep everything in
the main feature (the video steam, audio streams, subtitles) and somehow
record it to two single layer DVD-R.


if the original disc is encrypted (and it likely is if it's a commercial
one), then you cannot just copy the vob files.  you would need to use a
program like dvdbackup which will give you the option of backing up the
whole disc or just whatever title you want.  or you can use dvd9to5.pl
which is a perl script that will shrink the main title of the dvd from a
dual layer (as most commercial dvds are) to a normal 4.7gig disc.  doing
either of these things may be illegal depending on where you reside. but...

google for dvdbackup and/or dvd9to5.pl

You seems to misunderstood what I am asking. If you read my email, you'll see that I know about dvdbackup and all that. Basically I do *not* want to shrink my DVD to fit a regular DVD-R. Instead I want a tool that let me split the original DVD, with the original quality, sound streams, substitles, etc, to two DVD-R and create a valid DVD Video structure. I don't need the menu and extras, just the main feature film. Is there such tool ?

actually, i did read your email. and from what i understood, you only need to capture the main title, not the menus, etc. i am unaware of a program that will "split" a title between two dvd-r discs, however, more often than not, the main title doesn't take up more than 1 dvd-r. so that is why i pointed to you dvdbackup which can backup just the main title if you select it on the command line. i also think you should look at dvd9to5.pl and the reason i pointed you there is that it rips only the main title by default and since it's a perl script, you can edit the script (if you are familiar with scripts) and remove the auto-calculation for tcrequant and just set it to 1 (which means that no requant will be done). you can also check out gopchop at http://gopchop.org/ to see if that might help you, once you've ripped the vobs from the disc with another program. if you have never used dvd::rip, you may want to look into it as their discussion boards have included some talk about including dvd9to5.pl and dvd::rip already does disc splitting for vcd and svcd.

aside, why do you want to copy it to two dvd-r instead of a dvd+r dual layer?

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