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Re: Automatic update

Paul Michael Reilly wrote:
One of the original reasons that I chose Redhat/Fedora was the ability
to learn easily that an update was available and/or necessary and get
that update installed.  I liked the panel applet notification but that
feature has been a rocky road, it used to work, didn't work and who
knows at any given time what it does now.  So I've pretty much given
up on the panel notification applet.  Red Hat update was equally rocky
with repo hell mimicking dll hell on Windows.  That has gotten better
over time (with Yum, haven't used Red Hat update in ages).  Now my
wife points out that Microsoft has a painless and practical update
facility that appears to be what I was looking for from Linux.  So my
question is: why has the Redhat/Fedora update facility fallen into
such disrepair?  And is there any reason to expect that it will become
competitive with Microsoft's with FC5 and follow ons?.  It would be
unfortunate to hear that the answer is Redhat Enterprise versions.  I
don't mind paying but I do mind running stale software.  I'll pay
gladly to live on the bleeding edge.  Even the lack of Firefox 1.5 with
FC4 is disturbing, enough to make me wonder what all the fuss over
Ubuntu is all about.


yum has a service for nightly update in fc4 (and maybe others). why don't you edit the associated scripts to only download the packages, not install them? that would be the identical behavior that ms allows, or you could choose to have them automatically applied by just enabling the current service. as another writer mentioned, you kernel is never updated per se. the new one is just installed and /etc/grub.conf is changed to boot into the new one, but your old kernel stays safe and sound.

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