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Re: DVD Playback under Fedora Core 4

Bruno Wolff III wrote:
On Mon, Feb 13, 2006 at 00:36:40 +0200,
  Kostas Sfakiotakis <kostassf cha forthnet gr> wrote:

It can never even start playing a DVD movie because there is
no URI or URL or something like that to handle "dvd://" well
actually it is /dev/hdc but anyway

The device specification is different than the device type. You shouldn't
have to specify the device unless you have more than one dvd player.

Yes i have two DVD Playback capable devices .

1 . A DVD Recorder   connected as hdc ( Secondary Master )
2.  A DVD ROM Driver connected as hdd ( Secondary Slave )

If you don't tell it you are playing a DVD then things don't work correctly.
My memory is that the CSS keys don't get extracted from the DVD and you
end up seeing scrambled video. But its been over a month since I last
played with xine, so i may not have remembered things completely correctly.

The above problem was conserning totem ( The Problem with the url ) . The
problem with xine was refering to  messed up colors . Xine though wants a
symbolic link to the device called /dev/dvd . So there is no problem identifying
which is the DVD Playback device ( It is the one /dev/dvd points to ) .

Kind Regards,

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