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Re: greeter program does not work after last update

On Tue, 2006-02-14 at 09:07 -0600, akonstam trinity edu wrote:
> I did a yum update four days ago and now I have a problem with the
> greeter program. When I logoff I get a message:
> "The Greeter Program apears to be crashing. I iwll attempt to use a
> different program".
> I attempted to switch to a simpler greeter program: /usr/bin/gdmlogin
> in the gdm.conf file but that did no good.
> Any suggestions out there?
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I had this problem since Dec 13 2005. I didn't get the solution to the
problem  yet. one user replay to my message and told me to do:
 (root)> yum -y remove gdm
 (root)> yum -y install gdm

but didn't help

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