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Re: Two ways Microsoft sabotages Linux desktop adoption

Craig White wrote:
On Tue, 2006-02-14 at 21:52 +0000, Tony Dietrich wrote:

On Tuesday 14 Feb 2006 21:25, Mike McCarty wrote:
OO2 - 7 secs to a useable document.
And thats with a terminal window with 4 subwindows, including two ssh terminal windows monitoring network installs, gFTP, Quanta, KDevelop, GIMP, Xpdf, firefox and Kontact running open windows, named, mysqld, httpd postfix and dovecot running in addition to the basic background services that are required, such as cups.

Its a 2.4gHz Athlon box.

Something wrong with your 58 second machine there Mike :-(

take his commentary with a grain of salt and recognize that he is using
FC-2 which I am sure few will argue was better abandoned for FC-3

Are you suggesting that FC4 would load it any faster?

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