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Re: xorg-font problem

Correction, level 1 not 5

Jim Cornette wrote:
Chethiya K Ranaweera wrote:

I have a laptop with FC4 onstalled. Recently I updated the kernel and
it also updated udev. Now when I try to boot my screen is completly
out of focus that I can not access anything. I tried to boot into
runlevel 1 and use stratx and I got a xio fixed font problem. Does
anyone know how to fix it? Thanks


I never tried starting X in runlevel 1. Have you tried starting X from runlevel 3? You would type startx from your logged in user terminal.

Level 1 is single user mode and I believe there are not many services started. I know network is not started without user intervn. The font server and other services needed for X are probably not available in level 1. I assume that you could start the services in level 1 with a lot of knowledge regarding font servers, x servers and such.


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