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Gnome Panel corruption/disappears on IBM ThinkCentre 8171

Well this is certainly frustrating. 

We have upgraded my work desktop to the new hyper-threaded IBM
ThinkCentre 8171 with 1 GB Ram. 

Since we are a Windoze shop, I convinced my management that I could run
WinXP on Fedora Core4 using the latest VMWare Workstation.

I am impressed that it comes up in SMP mode and generally runs very

However, there is this annoying problem with the Gnome Panel. At times
almost all my launchers and menus are gone, and just the window selector
is left, other times I cannot even use the Gnome panel when it ges like
this and then it just seems to hang sometimes.

I'm mentioning the Gnome Panel as a potential problem but it could be
almost anything else!

I've tail'ed /var/log/messages and see nothing unusual. 

I am running FC4 on several different machines without ever seeing this
happen. I can be switching from one window to another and then the Gnome
Panel won't have all my icons, etc...

BTW --- I have tried stopping and restarting Gnome-panel and it does not

Thanks for any insights...
Ed Gurski <ed gurski com>

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