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Re: Grub config file editing

Jeff Vian wrote:
On Thu, 2006-02-16 at 15:26 +0200, Dotan Cohen wrote:

I am trying to fix the grub config file so that I can boot another OS
on this machine. I need to play with the (1,3) part- but it is a pain
to boot the system just to change this one file and then to power down
again to test it. Is there not a simple text editor in Grub?

Dotan Cohen


Certainly you can do command line editing with grub during boot ( the
'e' key ).
However, those edits are only in memory and only during that boot.  Grub
cannot write to a filesystem that is not even mounted yet.
"mounted" has no meaning to grub, and any event it's able to read it at that time: tab-completion for filenames works.

However, it does not write[1] to those filesystems, and I think that fairly sensible.

To make changes permanent you need to actually edit the text file
grub.conf and save those changes when the system is running.

Use the commandline to find what works, write it down if you need and ..

Also, How are you going to test your saved changes if you do not reboot
and let grub read and use the changed configuration?
you won't have to make so many corrections that rebooting becomes so frustrating.

[1] grub does write something to disk somewhere, it's able to "remember" what your previous selection was, and it's able to mark a partition active (for the DOS family of operating systems). However, what to write is determined by grub, not a potentially ignorant or malicious user.



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